About Me


Jason Maiden and

Industrious Web Designs

I have over two and an half years experience in creating professional websites...

My name is Jason Maiden and I specialise in creating aesthetically pleasing websites within deadline and budget, built using to best-practice W3C web standards. I also create corporate identity, branding and graphic designs for the web.

Over the past 2+ years I have worked with E2E Solutions a high profile Ecommerce and web design company.

Prefered Software...

I love using the adobe CS 4 range of products for most of my work, these include Photoshop / Illustrator for the Design process, Flash for banners / bespoke interactivity and Dreamweaver to convert the designs into fully compliant XHTML Strict and CSS.

I have some experience with ASP, XML and Javascript.

Industrious Web Design...

This is the pen name at the moment for a project I will be working on when I find the time. At the moment it is the name of my portfolio but I hope to expand it in the future to be the spearhead of my business, giving clients a website design solution that will be visually pleasing, efficiently produced and cost effective

Jason Maiden...

I live in Birmingham UK with my lovely wife Debbie and when I'm not creating websites I spend my free time hating Internet Explorer 6 for as most web designers will agree its 'the devils work'.

I also like Cinema, Reading, Building Computers, theatre and rock concerts.